2018 Schedule – and Mundy Park Map

Hi Burnaby/New West and Richmond Cross Country people!

This year we are planning to share three BNW races with Coquitlam (including the district championships on Wednesday, Oct 24th. But we will hold our own pre-Zone and Zone meets with Richmond on Oct. 10th (pre-Zone) and Oct 18th (Zone Final).

Notice that Zone and district finals are separate races this year! Also, runners have to enter at least one league meet prior to Zone, and two league meets prior to the BNW Championship (of course, one of those races can be the Zone race).

Also notice that, for now, meet start times are scheduled earlier (around 3 pm) on Oct 3, Oct 18 and Oct 24. It looks as though this is mainly to accommodate grade 8’s on the 3rd and the 24th — the Junior and Senior races start a bit later. And for our Zone meet it is to make an earlier return to Richmond for our Zone partners.

We can discuss start times, and make sure they work for everyone, on Wednesday at our first meet Sept. 26th. at Mundy Park…

Coquitlam does results with address/ file folder labels put in a dry place on runners’ uniform (possibly underneath shirt hem…) We’ll see how that goes for us and probably adopt it for the Central Park races.

Provincials are in Nanaimo, Nov. 3rd.

BNW Cross Country Schedule

Wed., Sept. 26, 2018  Mundy Park, Coquitlam  3:45 pm       Juniors 3.7 km /  Seniors 4.7 km

Wed., Oct. 3, 2018    Mundy Park, Coquitlam 3:00 pm — this meet includes a separate race for grade 8’s            Juniors 4.7 km / Seniors 6.3 km

Wed. Oct 10, 2018  Central Park, Burnaby — pre-Zone race – 3:45 pm –Juniors 4 km / Seniors 6 km

Thurs., Oct 18, 2018 Central Park, Burnaby  — ZONE CHAMPIONSHIP  – 3:10 pm -Juniors 4 km / Seniors 6 km

Wed, Oct 24, 2018 Mundy Park, Coquitlam —  BNWSSAA Championship (combined with Coquitlam Champs)      3:00 pm arrival – Junior start 3:40 pm — Senior start 4:30 pm

Sat., Nov. 3, 2018  Beban Park, Nanaimo — BC High School XC Championship

Here is a map with the two loops at Mundy Park.

Sept 26th: Juniors will run 2 small loops and one large. Seniors will run 1 small loop and 2 large!

Oct 3rd and 24th: Juniors will run 1 small loop and 2 big loops. Seniors will run 1 small loop and 3 large loops.IMG_20180921_0001


Zone Final Results — Garry Point Park Oct 25, 2017

A very nice day for a run!

Thanks to Bob Riddell for a beautifully organized race at Garry Point Park.

For results of the four races click the tab:


The top twenty runners from each race are eligible for the Provincial Finals on Sat., Nov. 4th at Jericho Beach  — see the bcxc.ca web site for details

The top three TEAMS from each race also are eligible for the Provincial Championship — 6 person Junior teams, 7 person Senior teams. These are:

Junior Girls  – McMath, GMS, and Alpha

Junior Boys — Mountain, MacNeill, Richmond SS

Senior Girls– Central, McMath, Moscrop

Senior Boys — Mountain, Central and Moscrop



Burnaby New West race #4 Oct 19/17 Central Park — results

It was good to see team competition in every division. Next week (Zone – Oct 25th in Richmond), we will no doubt see for real what every team can do.

Of course, all runners have to have competed by now in TWO races if they want to go to the Zone finals. Bring your race numbers! Spikes could be useful on the Garry Point Park course. First race (Juniors) is 3:45 pm.

Happy training — see you Wednesday!   For results click link below:

 2017 XC#4 Central Park